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8 June 2023

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi skm online brings the physical store online!

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi skm online to integrate online and offline and innovate multiple digital services to meet the all-round needs of consumers and provide a better life experience

9 May 2023

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi SKM Medias new fashion content website officially launched

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi to create a new fashion column, bringing current hot fashion topics

9 May 2023

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi SKM Official Website Optimization Officially Launched

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi SKM to create a new website to bring current hot fashion topics

2 May 2023

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi "beautySTAGE" shopping platform has been upgraded

Rifartek Technology and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi cooperate to create an online official website shopping platform, which will be upgraded and launched! Brand new OMO strongest shopping experience

20 April 2023

Sogo plus launched a new concept e-commerce platform

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Sogo to combine online and offline, promote virtual and real integration, and officially enter the era of retail 4.0

13 April 2023

Wenshan Sunming Eye Clinic officially opened

Automated medical information system, improving the efficiency of ophthalmology examinations and greatly reducing manual procedures

01 December 2022

KPMG International New Order Integration Strategy Office helps companies foresee the challenges of change

Rifartek Technology , KPMG International New Order Integration Strategy Office jointly developed the "Analysis of Enterprise Response Core Capabilities" system

4-7 Aug 2022

The Ophthalmology Briefcase was officially unveiled at the ATLife

Take you to the best course of action in ophthalmology!

4-7 Aug 2022

2022 ATLife

VisionLinx see you at 2022 ATLife! We’ll show you more about MDS!

18 July 2022

Use of transparent screens – robotic arm brewing coffee

The worlds first "transparent display virtual reality fusion interactive system", helping the Nangang concept store to build a "virtual and real fusion transparent screen" and "recognition system for regular customers"

23 June 2022

The smart vending machine of the small holders was officially launched.

The no boundaries sale was achieved! The smart vending machine makes the smallholders closer to people.

10 June 2022

One Lime has invested 20 million in 4 years to build an "AI Smart Lemon Drink Fresh Squeeze Machine"

Rifartek Technology and Xirui International Co., Ltd. cooperated to create a brand new "One Lime Smart Fresh Squeezed Lemon Drink"


Radiant Asset Management



New Taipei City Government Electronic Address Book APP

Rifartek Technology , Industrial Technology Research Institute jointly developed a "virtual-real fusion transparent screen"

9 Jul 2020

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi beauty STAGE eTicket lottery

Rifartek eXc eTicket started to run in the beauty STAGE! Would you like to try your luck?

30 June 2020

"VisionLinx003" is on the road!!

Donation Ceremony of IDS Ophthalmic Medical Touring Car in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City.

1 Dec 2019

Visionlinx002 officially launched

Visionlinx health service instrument measurement data is digitized in the cloud to provide assistance for rural care

15-16 Dec 2018

Hong Kong Ophthalmological Symposium 2018

In Conjunction with The 10th Conference of Asia Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

19-23 September 2018

The Sciences and Arts of Ophthalmology

Meet you in Bangkok, Thailand
Solutions for smart healthcare, and smart retail

21-24 JUNE 2018

Medicare Taiwan

10 minutes eye examination! enjoy the exhibition