∣ The Ophthalmology Briefcase was officially unveiled at the ATLife  ∣
Take you to the best course of action in ophthalmology - Ophthalmology Action Briefcase.
4-7 Aug 2022
∣  VisionLinx integrates ophthalmic briefcases to extend more possibilities for ophthalmic medical care!  ∣
VisionLinx launched two eye detection toolboxes :
1.Ophthalmology Action Briefcase: Contains MDS, handheld ophthalmic instruments (refractor, tonometer, ophthalmoscope, slit lamp). 。
2.Optometry Action Briefcase: Includes MDS, optometry kit, photo optometrist. Whether it is a public eye checkup or a rural medical action checkup, more importantly, an action briefcase is an indispensable tool for urgent objects or fields that cannot be used with desktop devices!

∣  MDS simplifies medical processes and improves efficiency for the medical industry!  ∣
The automation of medical information can save the traditional manual copying and complicated processes, and the detection and review of medical records will be more efficient. The MDS integrated medical information automation system of VisionLinx is the best solution! Whether it is a desktop or a portable device, the test results can be serialized through MDS and automatically integrated into an electronic medical record, which not only reduces manual copying errors, but also saves unnecessary resources, achieving a win-win situation for the public and medical personnel. Achievement!

∣  Applicable to a variety of scenarios, welcome to inquire and cooperate with various industries !  ∣
Whether it is corporate health checkup or rural medical health checkup, VisonLinx has also cooperated with clinics and large hospitals in the connection of MDS and ophthalmic medical equipment. All kinds of industries are welcome to inquire about cooperation plans!

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