∣ Shin Kong Mitsukoshi "beautySTAGE" shopping platform has been upgraded  ∣
Rifartek Technology and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi cooperate to create an online official website shopping platform, which will be upgraded and launched! Brand new OMO strongest shopping experience
2 May 2023
∣  Rifartek Technology;Beauty Platform launched the "e-Beauty Consultant" online one-on-one professional consultation service of real beauty consultants for the first time  ∣
beautySTAGE extends the service experience unique to the entity to the online platform, and uses one-on-one professional consulting services to find the most suitable products for you. Join the official account of beautySTAGE LINE, and you can receive the latest product information through LINE and communicate with e-beauty Consultant contact.

∣  Expand and recruit more than 100 beauty brands such as international big-name beauty makeup, trend beauty makeup, clean beauty, top fragrance, petty bourgeois must receive, and body care.  ∣
beautySTAGE continues to expand its presence in brands. Currently, the sites flagship "Clean Beauty" is a popular maintenance trend that emphasizes organic health and beauty. Recommended brands include: KORA ORGANICS, SEPHORA, a natural maintenance founded by supermodel Miranda Kerr It sells DRUNK ELEPHANT, a pure pure brand from Australia, SNOW FOX, a professional pure maintenance from Australia, LAUNDRYOU, a trendy Korean clean beauty makeup, OUI ORGANIC, which has obtained EU organic and natural certification products, and SCHWANEN GARTEN, a pure anti-oxidant maintenance from Korea.