∣ One Lime has invested 20 million in 4 years to build an "AI Smart Lemon Drink Fresh Squeeze Machine"  ∣
Rifartek Technology and Xirui International Co., Ltd. cooperated to create a brand new "One Lime Smart Fresh Squeezed Lemon Drink"
10 June 2022
∣  Rifartek Technology;Xirui International Co., Ltd. The worlds first AI intelligent lemon drink fresh squeezer  ∣
In traditional vending machines, after consumers put in coins, they can buy the goods they need, and they can control the temperature and put in refrigerated goods. With the advent of the Internet society, a few years ago, there were vending machines with touch screens, card readers, thermal printers, electronic payment systems, etc., making them a part of unmanned stores.In 2021, the worlds first self-developed and made-to-order "AI Smart Lemon Juice Squeezer" will be launched, which can take out a glass of cold freshly squeezed lemon juice in 60 seconds, and you can also choose "half sugar and less ice"; and this It took 4 years to develop a machine capable of condensing juice, temperature control, and high-speed cooking.

∣  Create a perfect match for Taiwan fruit export  ∣
Currently, Taiwans lemons are mainly planted in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Nantou. Last year, Taiwans total output exceeded 42,000 metric tons, and Pingtungs lemon production accounted for nearly 70%. Taking the hand-cranked drink business as an example, half a box of lemons (about 15) can be digested in a week, and the lemon freshly squeezed smart vending machine that uses one lemon in a cup can currently digest about 1,000 lemons a week. Both the north-south development and export sales are of great benefit to fruit farmers. The cooperation between Taiwan Lemon and the smart vending machine is undoubtedly a good partner.

∣  Into the O2O smart vending machine  ∣
Zhan Mingting, the director in charge of background management and software design, said that from the background data, 90% of the people choose "half sugar and less ice", so this lemon juice has been specially formulated in taste, making it the best selling point. Zhan Mingting also took advantage of this to develop an O2O (Online to Offline) online ordering system; people who dont know how to order can also teach remotely through smart vending machines.