Wenshan Sunming Eye Clinic officially opened
13 April 2023

Automated medical information system, improving the efficiency of ophthalmology examinations and greatly reducing manual procedures

Wenshan Sunming Eye Clinic originated from the " Sunming Eye Clinic" established in Kaohsiung in 1996. Over the past 27 years, Sunming Eye Clinic has become one of the important "severe ophthalmology" institutions in southern Taiwan with its professional knowledge, superb technology and experience, and advanced and complete equipment.
Wenshan Sunming Ophthalmology Clinic uses the medical information system developed by Rifartek Technology to connect optometry, intraocular pressure and other ophthalmic instruments in series to digitize and digitize the data, which can quickly read, identify and record the required test data, greatly improving the consultation room. Operational efficiency of personnel.