∣ Use of transparent screens – robotic arm brewing coffee  ∣
The worlds first "transparent display virtual reality fusion interactive system", helping the Nangang concept store to build a "virtual and real fusion transparent screen" and "recognition system for regular customers"
18 July 2022
∣  Rifartek Technology , Industrial Technology Research Institute jointly developed a "virtual-real fusion transparent screen"  ∣
Wax (Tsai Weixin), the operator of Rovii, expressed his gratitude to the Industrial Technology Research Institute, with the support of the corporate technology project of the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, for developing the worlds first "transparent display virtual reality fusion interactive system" to help the Nangang concept store build a "virtual fusion transparent screen" and "Frequent customer identification system", "transparent projection display system" and identification module, consumers can experience "virtual and real fusion show" on site. The Industrial Technology Research Institute has invested in the development of transparent display interactive system technology, and successfully developed the worlds first transparent display virtual-real fusion interactive system with real-time, high accuracy, and intuitive interactive experience. Consumers can win real coffee through interactive games through touch In addition, through the transparent projection display, you can clearly see the wonderful process of brewing coffee by the robot behind.Wax expressed his hope that the world will see Taiwans aesthetics combined with technology. He sincerely thanked the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Industrial Technology Research Institute for their assistance in the project, allowing the site to use the 55-inch virtual reality fusion transparent screen integration, frequent customer identification system, and self-developed The technological equipment combined with robotic hands is favored by Beijie and has the opportunity to set up a Rovii coffee concept store at the important Nangang Exhibition Hall Station B1. Visitors to the exhibition only need to use their mobile phones to make an appointment in the morning to order the coffee flavor they want to drink, and then use their mobile phones to scan the QR code when they arrive at the scene. There is no need to queue up or waste any time to enjoy the pre-ordered freshly brewed delicious coffee immediately!