Big news on overseas expansion! More than 50 million new business opportunities for Taima chain stores!
14 February 2023

"One Lime" and Malaysian Datuk Joseph signed a memorandum of cooperation under the witness of the Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association; initially 100 locations will be established in the Malaysian market within two years. In the future, both parties will work together to develop the One Lime smart phone developed in Taiwan. Lemon drink vending machine, promote the Southeast Asian market together.

Ciel Ray Ietrnational Co., Ltd. (Yiqingmen) spent nearly five years and tens of millions of dollars to specially develop this intelligent machine; it has functions such as condensation juice making, temperature control process, high-speed cooking, etc., and has been added to Taiwan Customized service in the hand-shaken drink culture, providing sweetness and ice selection; automatic cup dropping, capping and cleaning ensure the most important food hygiene and safety of the vending machine. Only by presenting the complete cup to consumers can we The food is sold on the spot, ready to drink. Combining the resources of Malaysian Datuk Joseph this time will help "One Lime" develop rapidly in Malaysia and bring Taiwans chain franchise soft power to the international stage.