∣ Sogo plus launched a new concept e-commerce platform  ∣
Rifartek Technology cooperates with Sogo to combine online and offline, promote virtual and real integration, and officially enter the era of retail 4.0
20 April 2023
∣  Rifartek Technology;Sogo is the only department store in Taiwan that takes ESG as the main axis  ∣
Huang Qingwen, chairman of Far East SOGO, said that the combination of OMO online and offline digital new retail has become the focus of the layout of major retailers. SOGO plus is not only the first green e-commerce in China, but also allows business hours to be extended to 24 hours a day, all year round, and completes the virtual-real integrated ecosystem. The biggest feature of e-commerce SOGO plus is to provide consumers with a convenient, secure and meaningful shopping channel. Supporting local good products and advocating sustainable consumption are its biggest features. It is also the first online shopping centered on ESG in all department stores in Taiwan.

∣  Sogo plus cooperates with Pingtung County Government to promote "Pingtung Good Things"  ∣
SOGO plus also attaches great importance to the connection with Taiwan, launching an online small farmers exhibition and Farm to Table online shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only continued the praise activities of physical stores, but also held "Online Small Farmers Exhibition". It is also the first department store e-commerce in Taiwan. After the opening of the station, it will launch the "Pingtung Goods" special zone for the first time in cooperation with the Pingtung County Government. Let local good products in the south of the border, fresh and processed products from farmers, be conveniently sold from the southernmost tip of Taiwan to the whole of Taiwan.

∣  Sogo plus is the first department store exclusive "one-time purchase cycle matching"  ∣
SOGO plus also innovatively plans the innovative service of "one-time purchase cycle matching" exclusive to department stores. Consumables for daily life, so that consumers can buy with peace of mind. For your favorite brand products, you can place an order once and then ship them in batches by SOGO plus.
  • Best offer: You can enjoy the preferential package price, and also enjoy the free home delivery discount
  • Peace of mind distribution: Buy 3 months’ worth of goods at a time, and deliver them every 30 days. Don’t worry about running out of goods or hoarding space, SOGO plus will help you prepare
  • The most labor-saving: the first batch of products will be delivered after the order is completed, and regular shipments will be fixed every month in the future
  • Enjoy freshness: Don’t worry about hoarding and spoilage, SOGO plus delivers the freshest products to your home every month