Shin Kong Mitsukoshi SKM Medias new fashion content website officially launched
9 May 2023

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi to create a new fashion column, bringing current hot fashion topics

This special meaningful festival presents the fashion E Cover of the first combination of mother and daughter. This time, I shot Shin Kong Mitsukoshis signature unit, the fashion selection SKM Select video, and the mother and daughters first attempt to exchange wardrobes. Completely different and unique styles, it can be seen that under the influence of supermodel mothers, Dora already has her own fashion ideas and acumen. Hong Xiaolei shared that Dora likes casual sports styles, and usually wears classic items such as caps and T-shirts with her daughter, and she looks youthful with a pair of shorts; while Dora likes to go to her mother’s closet to find fashionable items to wear, such as leather jackets, Knitted sweaters, or small dresses, dresses, etc. required for formal occasions.