Smart e-commerce

The era of smart retail is coming, is your brand ready?

"Brand e-commerce customization" is the expertise of Rifartek. IOTWall has accumulated 25 modules, 200+ sub-functions, e-commerce integration can be done with one platform. Internal enterprise systems and various API connections are by no means difficult.
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The most popular online shopping model

As long as you complete all your live streaming operations in one click, it is easy and efficient. What are you waiting for? Come join "Rifartek FB+1" now!


Ophthalmology Action Briefcase

Experience the speed and convenience of medical electronic.

The ophthalmic action briefcase contains handheld ophthalmic instruments, and a medical information converter (MDS gateway), which can read the basic data of the health insurance card and serially connect and transmit the information of the handheld instrument to practice medical information automation.


Instrument Data Integration

Leading the "Automated Inspection" system into the field of health inspection for the first time!

Technology optimizes the inspection process, the inspection process is easier, faster, comprehensive and in-depth!


Micro Store:
Intelligent Vending Machine

Limited space, unlimited potential

Micro-stores add to the concept of interaction, promotions and shopping guides, More possibilities are possible in a limited space.


Internet of Everything

Smart medical process , precision marketing , Careful eyecheck

Have you seen the trend of INTERNET OF EVERYTHIHG ? Every solution f IoE are prepared for you right here. Don’t hesitate to let them rock your world!

MDS IOT Visionlinx


Multi-ticket entry, single management interface
Tickets are connected in full!

Completely connect corporate customers, and consumers with full digital e-ticket service
Easy to use, make your life more convenient and beautiful.


Digital method for medical working

improve the trivial workflow and reduce the chance of faults

MDS, let the medical staff experience the rapid, convenient workflow release the pressure or working and increase the efficiency of clinics


Work Smart with Stunning Hi-tech Tools

Customized Solutions Fit Your Every Need

Softeware systems, cloud platforms, and applications are three helpful tools in this generation. They could also integrate with smart sensors like RFID and beacon to be more powerful. Hi tech tools make you work simply but efficiently.

Extract Your Data

Predict the Future

We collect and organize data at the same time. Thus we could offer you real-time visualized information and let you catch up the trend at the first moment.


∣  Main Service  ∣

Creation of Software Systems

Create Helpful and Efficient Systems


Creation of Platform

Good Platforms Spread Good Service


RFID Application

Get the Hint and Control Everything


APP Design

Create a Crazy Viral App



∣  News  ∣
19 July 2023

Shin Kong Mitsukoshis "skm eats Food Map" service experience has been upgraded again!

Shin Kong Mitsukoshis skm eats food map not only aims to improve members food experience, but also hopes to form alliances with restaurants in the business district, bring more people to the business district through the skm eats food service platform, and create sustainable development and common prosperity in the business district. OK!

9 May 2023

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi SKM Official Website Optimization Officially Launched

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi SKM to create a new website to bring current hot fashion topics

20 April 2023

Sogo plus launched a new concept e-commerce platform

Rifartek Technology cooperates with Sogo to combine online and offline, promote virtual and real integration, and officially enter the era of retail 4.0

∣  Medical Data Automation System  ∣

Solve Medical Overworking

It’s better to create a friendlier working environment by yourself rather than wait for the change. Rifartek exclusively developed product-MDS, helps medical staff finish all the trivials. Patient appointment, form filling and records retrieval are all automated. You don’t have to write or type records ever after.

∣  Mobile Eye Examination  ∣

Do You Have Healthy eyes?

Have you cared about your eyes? People in Taiwan are generally in bad eye conditions. But, there are only 30% will take an examination. Make a reservation now to care your eyes. This decision will be your best one ,ever.

∣  Intelligent Vending Machine  ∣

Novel and convenient. Meet all your desires.

The IVM with internet connection is the upcoming trend of retailing. The concept of micro-store completely show on IVMs and it utilizes effectively of limited spaces. Moreover, the IVMs combines interactions and promotions to create unlimited posibilities

∣  IOT Interactive Marketing  ∣

Catch Peoples Eyes in a Second

Customers now not only buy ”stuff” but also buy ”joy”. Take an active action and interact with your target audience to get more chance to impress them. How ? Find the answer in IOTWALL platform !

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