∣  Features  ∣

The property management system is dedicated to the construction of in-use assets and property in stock, with the goal of clearing asset history information, improving inventory efficiency, and effectively controlling property and consumables for asset life cycle statistics. The system will improve the efficiency of inventory through the introduction of RFID technology, and use RFID to record the entry and exit of warehouse personnel and the entry and exit of assets, which is convenient and efficient.
∣  Inventory & Receipt/Storage function  ∣

Inventory fuction

Select the persons name and location in the property management system, and the system will automatically generate a list of all the property in the library belonging to the person at that location. Use the handheld to scan the property, and the inventory status will be updated immediately!

Receipt/Storage function

The complete collection and warehousing procedure is an important core of the management system, which can effectively control the status, location and use time of property, and can accurately track the location and status of property, so there is no need to worry about the loss or confusion of property.

∣  Handheld system & Gate system  ∣
On-site inventory function

On-site inventory function:The handheld can select the inventory list, and use RFID scanning to complete the inventory operation and update the inventory status in real time!

RFID superscript function

Afraid of the tedious process of labeling so many supplies? Its actually very easy! Click the property on the handheld and scan the FRID label to complete the superscript! Isnt it super convenient!

Property inquiry and change

Property inquiries and transactions:Use the handheld to scan the property, you can view the property status and query and change the property, and the property management is easier!

find object mode

If you want to find property, turn on the object search mode. When looking for property, the handset will prompt the property distance through a beep and the screen, making it more convenient for you to find objects!

∣  gate system  ∣
Easy access to warehouse:

The gate system can detect the labelled property, just select the target out/in storage list, and push out/in the property to complete the operation without scanning one by one.

Automatic inventory of property:

The system can automatically count the property, pick out the property that is not in the out/in storage list and mark it. If there is an abnormality in the out/in storage list, it will send a letter notification to grasp the inventory status.

Abnormal carry in and out judgment:

If you bring property in or out without opening the exit/entry order, the gate will sound an alarm, and after 60 seconds, a notification letter of abnormal entry and exit will be sent to protect your property.

∣  Dashboard & Warning system  ∣

After logging into the system, you can quickly browse important information about the property on dashboard which include:

Recent Notices:
Five recent abnormal notices
Letter notification
Inventory exception notification
Show property under repair
Various Charts:
・Box chart of time in property use
・Box chart of property use history
・Box chart of the number of property repairs
・Line graph of daily repairs
Recent Notices:

Even if the property is left unsupervised, it is fully protected! Warnung system can be programmed with property class notifications, including:

・High unit price property
・24-hour uninterrupted property
・Specific kind of property
・Carrying in/out of property that is not in the inventory list this time
∣  SPTitle8  ∣

Batch Import Function

Save the complicated import process, all labels can be imported in batches. Enter the purchase case number or the name of the custodian, and you can quickly list the property information and improve the efficiency of property management!


Wrapping the Binding Function

Bind the properties of the same group into packages, as long as one of them is scanned, other information will be brought in automatically. It is a very convenient function for the property management of the same entry and exit!

∣  Export various reports  ∣

The system has in-stock reports, in-stock reports or receiving reports, and can select and export the property information you need according to the field setting function, so you can clearly understand the property information you want to know!