∣  POS system introduction  ∣

Want to know more about the function of Rifartek POS machine? ! Lets take a look at a small video tailored specifically for POS machines!

∣  Detail features  ∣

Rifartek POS system provides the function that best meets your needs. From push marketing to attract customers> checkout by the counter> carry bags and purchases> merchandise delivery, one-stop marketing techniques, let you firmly grasp the customers heart! In addition, the POS system solves the troubles of many enterprises and cashiers, one-click system, In addition to saving you the time to call and check the inventory of each store, it also provides VIP difference calculation, improves the customers purchase rate, tailored coupons for customers, and more stimulates consumer desire... so many high-quality Service, all in one set at Ruifu POS! Waiting for you to experience!
∣  Checkout  ∣
VIP upgrade difference calculation

At the time of checkout, the system will automatically calculate the VIP upgrade difference. If the consumer is close to the upgrade qualification, service personnel will inform the upgrade difference information and immediately search for the product with the closest price to provide consumers with choices. This intimate service, in addition to providing one more opportunity to sell goods, can also allow consumers to get upgraded discounts.

O2O offline purchase, online shipment

Do consumers feel tired after carrying out mad purchases because they need to carry large and small packages? Dont worry!! POS can perform online shipping according to your specified receiving address, no more effort, just enjoy the fun of shopping!!

∣  In stock  ∣
Online inquiry, offline purchase

Check online for stores in the province that still have inventory, choose the closest counter point to you, connect POS across the province, pick up the store, do you want to take the goods home immediately? Absolutely no problem!!


Is the service staff still calling everywhere and wasting time on inquiries and transfers? With the POS system, branch inventory transfers can be completed immediately with one click, which not only saves time but also greatly improves work efficiency!

∣  Free ticket  ∣
Print physical e-tickets

Miss Li likes to wear dresses, please keep it well, this is an exclusive ticket for you! The POS system can tailor-made for you 1. Specified discount coupons, 2. Specific product discounts, 3. Multi-combination discount coupons...more, discount you Take control!

Coupons are sent by SMS/Email

Coupons are sent instantly via SMS/Email, saving paper costs, easy to write off and not easy to lose!!

∣  Quick Search  ∣
Latest product

The latest products are sent via SMS/Email, so that customers can enjoy the latest discounts instantly!

Member profile

Easily check the difference between member points and upgrade calculations. Members: upgrade to get more discounts, and store owners: seize the loyalty of consumers, the performance has been greatly improved. When ordering goods in the mall, you cant avoid worrying about not receiving them immediately, as long as you designate the store, you can get the goods you ordered directly at the counter.

Order Status

60-day membership transaction details and store-wide contact information can easily analyze customer preferences and serve as the best tool for marketing recommendations!