∣  Competitive Advantage  ∣


Over 10 year industry experience+ over 20 years RFID research experience + ComTIA RFID+ certification= RFID expert.


We are devote to RFID field from the early stage of development, which revealing courage, vision, and insistence.


Cooperation with over 10 types of industry accomplishes our carefulness, execution and interdisciplinary thinking.


We have a team involving engineers, UX designers, and behavior analyst. Innovation thus bursts from different ways of thinking.


We have engineers specializing in software, firmware and hardware. Thus we could provide you an overall solution instead of a scattered plan.


We have a strict testing procedure to ensure the stability of our system. When using, there’s a monitoring system to ensure everything runs well.

∣ Our Service ∣

E-commerce platform construction

  • UX motion design
  • UI proposal and design
  • B2B2C Supplier E-Commerce
  • Cash flow connection and customized payment gateway
  • Warehouse and logistics system connection
  • ERP Commodity Master File Concatenation and Customization
  • ERP accounting (money flow, order, invoice) upload serialization and customization
  • Electronic invoices and electronic invoice value-added centers are connected in series
  • Electronic Coupon System (eXc)
  • Membership System and Customization
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • O2O online transaction offline pick-up module

APP software development

  • APP wireframe UI/UX moving line and visual design
  • iOS, Android Native APP development
  • PAD action management application (such as exhibition display, department store DM marketing)
  • APP Native, PWA, In-app Web development
  • Push mechanism
  • BLE related services
  • NFC Scan to SMS/Email/WiFi/Explore Setup
  • AR virtual reality development
  • BLE/GPS clock-in function
  • Indoor Positioning (LBS)
  • WiFi/Bluetooth peripheral serial connection development
  • Interactive Development of Wearable Devices
  • Apple wallet, Google wallet development
  • APP background, APP web service development

Web system development

  • Java Platform: JSP, Spring Boot, Struts2
  • C# platform: ASP.NET, Razor WEB
  • Node.JS
  • Front-end framework: Vue3, React, AngularJS
  • Database technology: MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Program packaging: Maven, Gradle
  • Security Program Framework: OWASP

Customized software development service

  • Java application development. Including: stand-alone Java program, JSP web program, Java WebCron scheduling program
  • Java web system development. Including Struts 2 web system, String Boot web system, String Boot API system, WebSocket mode.
  • Android APP development. Including Android Studio APP development, Kotlin APP development
  • Java API development. Contains a RESTful API and is OAS compliant
  • C# application development. Contains: stand-alone .NET program, Form UI program, C# Library
  • C# web system development. Contains: ASP.NET, Razor WEB (ASP.NET Core6)
  • iOS APP development. Using Objective-C with Swift
  • Shell script development. Use bash shell, CSH shell
  • Python development. Including crawler, database connection, data processing, Python WEB
  • Perl development. Including data processing, database connection, Perl WEB
  • Other web language technologies: PHP, CGI

Computer room management service

  • DNS Server setup and hosting (BIND or Cloud Service can be used, such as Cloudflare, AWS Route 53)
  • Mail Server setup and hosting (Postfix or Cloud Service can be used, such as Mailgun, AWS SES)
  • NIS Server setup and hosting
  • NFS Server Setup and Hosting
  • SysLog Server setup and hosting
  • Web Server setup and hosting (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, IIS can be used)
  • UNIX Server setup and hosting (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris available)
  • Version management server setup and hosting (GitHub, Subversion)

Embedded Device Development

  • Application Development of Arduino and Peripheral Sensor Network
  • Application Development of Raspberry Pi and Peripheral Sensor Network
  • Application Development of Nano Pi and Surrounding Sensor Network

Consulting Services

  • CISSP, Security+ security consulting services
  • PMP Project Management Consulting Services
  • RFID+ Radio Frequency Consulting Services
  • OCJP Java License Consulting Service
  • CASE Security Engineer Consulting Services
  • ERP import consultant consulting service

Email/SMS/Push push service

  • Email sent. 0.03 yuan per letter
  • Email sends and tracks clicks, and content clicks. 0.05 yuan per letter
  • SMS sent. 1 yuan each. Can be imported in large quantities, and provide customized services for replacing member names and special content
  • MMS sent. 4 yuan each. Can be imported in large quantities, and provide customized services for replacing member names and special content
  • APP Push to send. Customized serial connection (160,000), 0.08 yuan for each sent

AWS services

Operating part:
  • Foreign bill payment service. According to the AWS bill + 10% (overseas transaction service fee) + 5% (business tax).
  • Purchase Reserved Instance service. It can assist in the prepayment of 1-year and 3-year schedules, Upfront, Partial Upfront, and No Upfront types.
erection part:
  • IAM construction and maintenance
  • VPC、Subnet、Internet Gateway、NAT
  • Construction and maintenance of VPC, Subnet, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway
  • Construction and maintenance of VPN and Peer Connection
  • Construction and maintenance of Certificate Manager
  • Construction and maintenance of WAF
  • Construction and maintenance of ElastiCache
  • Construction and maintenance of RDS (MSSQL, Aurora, MySQL)
  • Construction and maintenance of EC2
  • Construction and maintenance of Elastic Beanstalk
  • Construction and maintenance of Storage Gateway
  • Construction and maintenance of S3
  • Construction and maintenance of CloudFront CDN
  • Construction and maintenance of Email, SES, SNS
  • Construction and maintenance of AWS Personalize Recommendation system
  • AWS Lambda setup, maintenance and programming

RFID system development

  • NFC payment
  • Ultra High Frequency UHF ETC Vehicle Traffic Sensing System
  • UHF UHF RFID WMS Warehouse Management System
  • UHF UHF RFID MES Manufacturing Management System
  • UHF UHF RFID AS/RS Automatic Warehouse Software System
  • Ultra High Frequency UHF RFID Asset Management System
  • UHF UHF RFID finished vehicle management system
  • Ultra High Frequency UHF RFID Library System
  • UHF UHF RFID Customs Automatic Customs Clearance System
  • UHF UHF RFID Retail Showcase Interactive System
  • UHF UHF RFID Cargo Inventory System
  • Ultra High Frequency UHF RFID Valuable Items Management System
  • UHF UHF RFID computer room management system
  • UHF UHF RFID smart store display sales, anti-theft, smart storage, unmanned checkout system
  • UHF RFID Work in Process Tracking (WIP Tracking) Management System
  • High Frequency HF RFID Livestock Management System
  • High Frequency HF RFID Access Control Management System

∣  Development Path  ∣

From Software Development to IOT Service

Rifartek was established on 2006. In the early development stage, we focus on RFID techniques, and that‘s the ”R “ of rifartek stands for.We are devoted to develop RFID middleware and other application. Also, we are trusted by our clients as Ministry of Defense, The Legislative Yuan, TSMC, CHIMEI, PXMART etc. Cooperating with over 10 types of industry gives us more power to upgrade our business. Since 2015, we have transformed into IOT service supplier offering innovative IOT solution. We serve many types of industry as manufacturing, retailing, travel agency, logistics etc. Now, we focus on vertical integration of software and system.

Cross Industry Experience

Catering, retailing, cosmetics transportation and even the government departments are all our clients.

Project experience

Our strengths come from persistent efforts on making clients of multiple industries.

Cross Industry Experience

Enterprise systems, IOT marketing systems and Intelligent medical systems are three main strengths of Rifartek.

Enterprise system

Help our clients increase working efficiency by at least 90%.