Enterprise system establishment

Enterprise system establishment

For management utility, there are many existing options of software packages as ERP, APS, MES. While the different workflow of each company would result in various particular requirements. If there is no suitable solution, the more appropriate way is finding a reliable software developer to design a customized system only for your company.

Platform establishment

Provide your service with a platform is a new trend in digital era. Because it saves time, cost, labor and it could expand the scale of your business. Also, it could be a powerful and effective method for communication. However, building a platform involves complicated issues. Users of a platform involves manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Therefore, fitting all the users‘ requirements is a big point to an effective platform. See our works and you‘ll find how meticulous they are.

RFID application

RFID techniques could be applied to many fields like retailing, manufacturing, energy industry etc., as tools to achieve ideal outcome.

APP Design

A viral app should be cross-platform, and easy to use. See our works and experience the delicate design.