∣  Detail features  ∣

The rise of headless commerce, Rifartek builds the IOTWall platform to provide modular services, in which e-commerce integration modules allow managers to open online malls on multi-channel platforms, and back-end platforms integrate multiple gold flow platforms, logistics platforms, and value-added centers , Can assist managers to centrally process shopping mall orders, forward and reverse logistics operations, inventory management, invoice operations and other transaction information; the multi-channel merchandise issue that troubles enterprises can be quickly resolved through e-commerce services, as long as IOTWall The platform maintains commodities, and the system can automatically push product information to various mall platforms.
∣  Mall integration  ∣

The core concept of the e-commerce integration module is to provide enterprises with centralized management of goods, orders, inventory and other services on multiple platforms. The IOTWall platform supports API integration of multiple malls. As long as the store information is established on the IOTWall platform, and parameters such as API concatenation are entered, activation can start using the store integration services provided by the IOTWall platform.

∣  Cash flow integration  ∣

Provide payment plug-ins to support the services of the merged cash flow platform. For example: Credit cards (TSBank, Union Credit Card, E.Sun Bank, Union Bank), LinePay, ApplePay, ECPay, NewebPay ... etc.

Credit card payment
Pay by cash
Apple Pay
EasyCard Payment
∣  Logistics integration  ∣

Integrated logistics services can follow the logistics status of orders, the status of warehouse inventory changes, and low-level monitoring of product inventory in real time.
Multi-channel inventory, the system displays the product inventory of each platform according to the batch number and the validity period. It also provides "real-time inventory" to summarize the product quantity at one time, and immediately know the latest quantity of each mall!

∣  Invoice integration  ∣

With complete invoice function, the system automatically picks up numbers, automatically allocates numbers, and automatically uploads to the tax and tax center. Managers no longer need to worry about the invoice problem of each order!

∣  Marketing schedule  ∣

The platform provides marketing schedule maintenance, allowing managers to flexibly manipulate each promotion schedule. The administrator can set the launch time and end time of the discount content for each schedule. The schedule information can be assigned to all connected malls. Even if you operate multiple malls at the same time, it can be completed at once!

∣  Coupon  ∣

eTickets provide multiple ticket creation methods, a single management interface and integrated ports. For mobile APP, store POS, smart stores, etc., if you want to obtain ticket information, write off tickets, etc. through the platform API interface, you can complete it.
Ticket information is synchronized to various e-commerce platforms, and the ticket verification will be automatically checked by the system. It is super convenient to put on the shelves and never repeat cancellation!

∣  Order management  ∣

The manager can view the transaction order of each mall on a single platform, and all the details of the transaction are fully presented (including: order number, payment amount, shipping status, logistics status, etc.).
In order to make it easier and quicker for managers to grasp consumer inquiry information, the system will integrate the order QA API of each platform, and integrate the messages of consumer messages into the platform order management. The order customer service function will completely record the consumer and QA history of customer service.

Order Status
Payment status
Shipping status
Invoice status
Return status
Customer Service
Q & A
∣  Inventory management  ∣

The system completely tracks and records the inventory of goods. Commodity inventory will be classified according to the storage batch number and validity period. The system also provides "instant inventory" so that consumers can quickly view the inventory, in-transit inventory, reservation inventory and other information of each product. The daily system will automatically settle the inventory amount on the day. If there is a profit or loss manager, you can use this query to clarify the inventory status.

Own warehouse and inventory management

Warehouse integration and synchronization

Inventory status tracking